Do charities and business surviving on bailouts have an unfair advantage? 


“Do charities and businesses surviving on bailouts have an unfair advantage?” 


“If you think government support is a unfair advantage you don’t need to be in business. You are an idiot. “

Our nation has become stagnant in business growth

Any business that has government financial support are operating at a disadvantage. While bailouts have been necessary in the past to secure employment for many Americans and preserve the economic flow.  The bailouts have become an epidemic failure creating economic crisis over and over, as a way of doing business. 

When the government is involved in your business in the aspects of rendering financial aid they restrict the services of the company and the company must operate under ridiculous limitations that hinder growth. Hince the explanation of the decline in Walmart work atmosphere. 

This is also the reason the welfare system is an economic sink hole. 

Welfare agencies prevent the client from doing anything self sufficient. 


Welfare prevent recipents from doing anything or owning anything that could better ther situation. 

Clients are penalized for doing better for them selves. 

For Example: If you are a client poor enough to receive benefits of cash assistance and food assistance 

They have a rule in place that doesn’t allow you to own a home or property or vehicle

One lady once told me I would have to sell my car (I owned) and report that as income. 

I told her I don’t want to be on welfare for ever. It said, it’s called temporary assistance for a reason. It’s not called take over your life assistance. I asked why would I sell my vehicle when I need that to find and keep a job. She said she knew it doesn’t make sense but those are the rules. 

 These are not organization boundaries they are governmental rules inflicted on the agency that is passed on to clients. These type of businesses are required to comply to these restrictions in order for them to receive federal funding. 

Fully federal funded charities and businesses that fail (bailout businesses) all are a burden to the financial responsibility of the government. They create a mound of dept with no plan of relief…. ever

Our organization has strict bilaws that do not allow us to apply for this type of funding. Real Raw Records is a federally approved charity organization. Although we may qualify to apply for government grants we have not and will not because it defeats our charitable purpose. We opperate under the assumption that a debt free self sustainable business is the most healthy infrastructure to provide remedy to economic crisis.

It’s very similar to the fact that building more buildings is a threat to land preservation the more healthy options is restoration. 

Written by

KanD Johnson 

Serial Entrepreneur

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