Will innovation take a dive with social decline? 


“Will innovation take a dive with social decline?”


Absolutely Not! 

Entrepreneuralship is instinctive.

They called me to the school because my niece was selling candy at the school.

She was selling so much that she got their attention to stop her and do some research. They wanted to know what is she being taught at home because she certainly hadn’t been taught business in school. 

People were not buying from the cafeteria snack machines. Even the teachers and campus security wanted salted and honey peanuts. She did her research and cornered her market. That’s business and innovation 101. She was in middle school at the time.

She sold the items at a high profit margin but her customers didnt consider it expensive because she provided convience and what I call specialty supply.

She stocked things she liked and cornered a market for people who liked the same items or trusted her taste. Turns out the other kids liked the same things. lol 

The school stopped her but was none the less impressed. 

She did the proper research when she asked about where I buy what from.  Then she asked what’s the most she can make.

She asked me because she knew I was nick named candy (Spelled KanD) because I had previously lifted myself from a state of poverty by simply selling a lot of candy and snack items. 

She watched me sell so she knew how to separate expense from profit and I thoroughly explained where to draw the line and factor in time and effort. 

Yes factor in 

– time, effort and 

+prospective residual 

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Serial Entrepreneur

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