What are the general qualifications of an acquisitions developer?


 “What are the general qualifications of an acquisitions developer?”

Some times referred to as #BusinessAcquisitions 


“Real Raw Records is building a team of people who are skilled in taking initiave.”

I am asked this question but torn when expected to give a response. 


Because I can give a professional reponse naming some of the expectations of other corporations such as experience minimums, bachelors degrees, and other documentation such as profit statements but those things don’t concern us as a company I am partial to give an answer relevant to what we are actually seeking. 

We are seeking 12 board committee members with a primary qualification of location 

East Coast New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, New York resident with a willingness and transportation to travel.

Willingness to learn

Sales and Communication skills

Ability to do light clerical

And Most Important INTEGRITY

Last but not least. 

Any formal training or experience is icing on the cake. 

We are an Entertainment Company. We don’t discredit degrees we just value creativity and character more. 

Once the initial training is complete you have the ability to work remotely performing acquisitions task at your liberty with expectations of productivity in your area of expertise.

There are other companies that allows IT secirity work to be done remotely after an initial training of processing system in place you would use your access to run system checks remotely.

There are many task that can be performed remotely. 

You may want to determine a few types of task you are willing to perform then you can narrow down which deptmental positions you are able to fill 

It would be wise to already know your strengths and weaknesses before submitting your paperwork to be voted in a committee.

Position of services.

Written By 

KanD Johnson

CEO Of Real Raw Records

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