Question: Should a company be allowed to exaggerate their value? 


“Should a company be allowed to exaggerated their value?” 

For Example: £egendary brand clothing and accessories


First let’s address the fact that you thinking they are undeserving of their title/brand is an opinion. 

Exaggeration is determined by measure of opinion. 

But let’s just patronize the view point of  the questionee, in the answer.

If the company want to buy a pair of big britches to later fill, it is the same thing literrally and theoretically. 

In the case of the example £egendary, I speak for the label when I say we have every intentions of filling those shoes and it’s certainly achievable. We are the First Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry.  I think that qualify as Legendary. 

Do you? But let’s just patronize the view point of  the questionee, in the answer

To keep it real we sincerely believe we have already met all the quateria to fit in those boots. It would be more of challenge to prove we don’t than it would take to prove that we do. In addition to the fact that we have future plans to do so on a higher level and expand our brand to be world renowned factor in on authenticity.

Question is

Are the clothing designs nice or unique?

We also only sell 100% Cotton which means we have a standard of quality as well.

That is what the customer is buying clothes not a bio.

If someone named a science museum “Out of this world” or used those words to describe their museum.  It would be ridiculous to think anything they sell is actully from another world right?

I’d question:

Why that would be a problem if the company is selling the product they claim to sell? 

For the example given £egendary the product being uniquely designed graphicly branded clothing  and accessories

Legendary by design! 

We have plans to sell novelty GIFT  items as well but are waiting for prototypes design patents and such.

We never include that in advertisements because we currently do not have those items. Key word being currently. 

Now if the sign said world famous pizza and they sold hamburgers then we have a case for false advertising.

If it’s a charity that don’t distribute the finances to the cuase then we have clear cut fraud.

Realistically any intelligent business person knows Marketing isn’t clear cut black and white

The colors are sometimes necessary to get the best outcome of it’s intented purpose. Most intelligent people go in to business to make as much money as they can. 

The purpose of taking the time for a well planned brand is the factor that the name can sell the product.

It’s engenuis to create such a name and back it up! It takes wisdom and insight that deserves an award not defamation. 

Written By 

KanD Johnson

Serial Entrepreneur

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