#Newsworthy History In The Making!

Newsworthy #Share #History in the making via Real Raw Records Inc

These are the four key elements that angel investors are looking for in a start ups.




These are Four Key Elements that Mark A Project Worth Your Time, Money and Effort. 

1 *Money Making Product -One that sells itself

2 *Marketing Strategy – Knowledge of the consumers

3 *Money – Low Investment but high yielding profit

4 *Momentum -Knowledge of the product and a good marketing strategy create and build Momentum

Minimum Investment + Minimum Effort Less Operating Expense = Yields Maximum Benefit

At Real Raw Records – We have quantified the value of real raw natural talent. The value in innumerable in so many aspects incliding but not limited to socialogical, economic, and ecological industries. We have constructed a business plan and strategy that meets all of these basic requirements for growth benefit all who are involved. 

Our #MusicIsMagic Initiative builds value in communities, relieve stress from government job crisis, and increase Music store for local businesses.

Our History In The Making Innovative Model Is A Breeding Ground For Success! 

We specialize in making dreams reality.  Our programs foster ideas, translate them into realistic goals and convert them into  practical plan of execution of easily attainable goals. Real Raw Records Legendary Model of Integrity is Setting New Standards in the Music Industry! 

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