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rap-hip-hopEverybody want to be a Rap and Hip Hop Artist

#RealTalk via http://www.realrawrecords.com
Artist have an unlimited source of creativity but lack business knowledge that can help them make better decisions in the music industry. Hip hop and rap has become an epidemic notion of a pretentious lifestyle. Pretty, fantasyland girls, money to make it rain, and fast shiny cars to lean on. Hopes of being cool and being SEEN on TV.

Letโ€™s be real. Out of all the artist that exist the mass majority wants to be a rapper. Now lets think business Only 5% of the industry has a need for rappersโ€ฆ

That leaves a 25% for foreign music, and that leaves a hefty 70% for a variety of music genres. You pick. Which one would you think has the highest chance of needed new artist?

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