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Real Raw Records is the first nonprofit record label in the history of the music industry!

Real Raw Records is the First 501c3 Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry. 

100% percent of the amount you pay is allocated for charitable purposes. Please visit our website if you would like to contribute more. We are proud to say, our CEO and other board members and leaders are volunteers or work for less than average pay for their positions. They are sincerely, dedicated to the cause of raging war on poverty. We are currently raising money to purchase a building. Your purchase of items listed will help us to acquire a building large enough to house a state of the art studio, dance rehearsal space, and performance center which will drastically minimize our cost for renting expensive venues and office space. 

We have plans that will create at least 5,000 jobs. Did you know that most charities cater to children because people more readily give to help them? But what about those children’s parents and loved ones. It can’t be good for children’s mental health watching their mothers, fathers, and grand parents struggle to care for them.  This is the cause of many young adults committing crimes to help provide in the home or get the things their parents can’t afford to buy them. 


Real Raw Records caters to late bloomers,(age 25 and older) adults who don’t qualify for help with many other resources, due to age limitations. 
Have you considered this? Although formal education is a great way for economic advancement there are many people in our society who have learning disabilities. Going to college is not a practical solution for them. The awesome thing about their disability is scientist have discovered that most if not all people with learning disabilities have intense natural creative abilities even to the point of ingenious. Some of these natural talents include but are not limited to and eye for photography, videography, stage designing, art, drawing, painting, strategic numbering, clothing designing, actors, comedians, singers, musicians and much more.  These are skills that are used for marketing and other areas of business and can add value in the work place. We design programs to teach creativity people how to use their natural talent to create or improve their economic status thereby, improving their quality of life.

Music is Magic InitiatvieWe set up “Music Is Magic” events which allow creative people to show off their skills in an effort to build their confidence in themselves, and to utilize their skills and perfect their crafts. Potential employers attend and are able to see their level of skill and consider them for substantial employment or contracted work. We have discovered that many people live in poverty because they lack support, and the resources necessary to do better. Welfare only gives hand outs and penalizes any efforts they make to do better for themselves. People who work for minimal wages are discontinued from receiving benefits which can help them make ends meet. We offer the less fortunate an opportunity for economic growth which makes their Dreams a Reality! Be a part of history in the making. Help us make dreams a reality!

We support artist who create “Music from the Soul… For the Soul” 

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